Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gettin into Wrestlin

So lemme try to recap a lot of things so I can catch everyone up to this stuff. So now there are 2 main wrestling classifications that I follow, which are the real ones: Greco Roman and Freestyle.

Greco Roman is all upper body and Freestyle is where you can use everything. So first off, the World championships were held in Baku, Azerbaijan this year in September. I'll try to sum this up as quick as I can. We (U.S.A.) won Greco Roman as a team but oddly we didn't place anyone too high, the majority of the team placed below 10th......Greco has become such a crazy style because no one is consistent, but maybe a select few of great wrestlers out there.

Russia finished second in Greco and had a few strong performances from their good wrestlers. The reason that is important is because with the summer Olympics coming up everyone is watching out to see who will be where for the Olympics. In freestyle U.S.A. did not do so well just because we could have done better; we finished fourth and here are the top 7 because these are the nations that could do some damage in the Olympics: 1 RUSSIA 68 pts. 2 TURKEY 40 pts. 3 CUBA 34 pts. 4 UNITED STATES 32 pts. 5 UZBEKISTAN 31 pts. 6 UKRAINE 28 pts.7 IRAN 19 pts. The reason we didn't do so well is because we had really good wrestlers wrestle like crap and not do anything but lose when they could have finished top 5.

Slowly I'll go through them as we get closer to the Olympics; I'm not gonna bore you with 7-8 bios in a row in one post. So as you can tell by the point spread here is that Russia completely dominated the World championships. They got first in 6 out of 7 weight classes and 3rd in the other weight class.......THATS AMAZING. Completely unheard of to do that and I just still can't believe they dominated so much.

So to finish this section off I'll say 2 things. 1 is that the Eastern Bloc countries/former Soviet Union countries and the middle eastern countries are completely amazing at wrestling. They train harder and better then anyone one else in the world and oh by the way the majority of their facilities are crap. The one or two major facilities they do have are better than anything the United States or any other rich country has to offer. -2 There was no news coverage of any of this, these athletes work harder than all of the football players in the NFL and all of them still have jobs to carry.

So now another thing has kicked off, and that is the NCAA wrestling season. I'll just post the rankings of top 15 an leave it at that with a few comments here and there.
1 Minnesota (12) Last years Champs with many returners
2 Iowa State Coming into great year with Great coach...he was selected for Olympic assistant coach but turned it down to give his kids everything.
3 Oklahoma State I think this is the most overrated team on here.
4 Iowa
5 Michigan
6 Northwestern Also overrated.
7 Missouri
8 Cornell Underrated, great team with very good kids and one fo the only places in the nation with a separate entire wrestling training center just for wrestling.
9 Central Michigan
10 Penn State
11 Wisconsin
12 Hofstra My favorite team this year just because of all their underrated wrestlers and one who has already beaten the number 2 wrestler at his weight class. His name is Lou Ruggirello now ranked 4th and his nickname is King Louie.
13 UT-Chattanooga
14 Nebraska
15 Ohio State

Next thing I'll report on is the Nation's All start classic. This is where they pair up the best wrestlers in NCAA in each weight class and let them wrestle but some people turn it down because it doesn't really count towards anything official and they don't want to wrestle it because of injury and because they simply don't want to lose.

One late night post because I simply can't sleep...I'm out.

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