Monday, November 12, 2007

It Should All work out….Should

“Hey sexy mama, wanna kill all humans?” – Bender (Futurama)

I honestly can’t believe that Kansas is not the #1 or 2 team in the country in the BCS... Not because I believe they are #1 or 2, but simply because it is caused by idiot humans...

Firstly I completely understand that their strength of schedule is not that of LSU or Oregon’s (YET, which is why I think they’ll end up #1 if they win out against the BCS 4 & 5 and shut everyone up and take it out of everyone’s hands.)

However, my gripe has to do with idiot humans who should NOT have any say-so in this matter. There is not a single significant difference from Ohio State last week and Kansas. What is the ONLY difference is that Ohio State was pre-ranked… meaning people randomly guessed that Ohio State might be good and so far Ohio State played a schedule roughly exactly equivalent of Kansas… BUT Ohio State was pre-ranked.

The bigger mistake however… can you explain to me how poll people have actually ranked Oklahoma ahead of Kansas, when Oklahoma lost to a team that Kansas beat in identical conditions. BOTH Oklahoma and Kansas went TO Colorado undefeated giving Colorado a David vs Goliath motivation yet only Kansas won and somehow we’re to believe that Oklahoma is a better team because people pre-ranked them?

I honestly can’t say Oklahoma is better or worse (none of us can because they haven’t played yet), but given the evidence we have (which is the only thing pollsters are supposed to pay attention to) Kansas is the better team, they haven’t lost yet in the same conference as Oklahoma.

They literally should throw out the Harris and Coach’s polls… why? Because computers don’t care who you are, it is a very nearly perfect system of judging teams in an un-biased manner.

The only thing computers judge everyone on is what has actually happened AND a computer unlike any human can actually pay attention to every team, every score, every matchup. Computers take the time to calculate every single team in college football, who beat who and how it impacts everyone (which is also why the computers think so lowly of Hawai’i). A lot of people get up in arms over the early BCS rankings because they may seem out of place, but they are in fact a perfect reflection of the season so far.

Think of how absurd the idea of Human polls are... especially the coaches’ polls. You have a guy coaching a team, which means he can’t watch any games going on at the same time as his and probably not the ones before either. As soon as his game is over he’s being interviewed and then preparing for the next week. Even the biggest football fan can only watch enough highlights and game film to try and get a decent grasp on half the teams in division 1. To think that a coach or any other human being can accurately rank 119+ teams each week is just absolutely absurd.

Every year the early BCS rankings come out and the #1 team isn’t #1...yet… and why? Because they haven’t played anyone yet, but it all solves out in time because the computers will continue to judge you as you play the better teams. But if we removed human polls altogether it would remove 2 very important things: rankings getting swayed by politics, and the continued practice of putting non-opponents in a schedule, it would actually be a start to at least parity in schedules which has been needed for a very long time.

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Mike said...

Yeah, the whole BCS thing was supposed to take out human influence... but it doesn't.