Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AFC takes the lead

AFC 28 - NFC 27

The NFC South accounting for 13 of those losses surmounting a wonderful 3-13 record against the AFC. Can the NFC comeback and take down the invincible AFC??? Here's what is left of inter-conference play:

Week 15:
Cincinnati at San Fransisco
Detroit at San Diego

Week 16:
Pittsburgh at St. Louis
Kansas City at Detroit
New York Giants at Buffalo
Baltimore at Seattle

Week 17:
New England at New York Giants
Buffalo at Philadelphia
San Fransisco at Cleveland
Minnesota at Denver

So with 10 more match ups remaining there will be a winner, PLUS there will be a leader after each week. The AFC is the home team for only 4 of the match ups, but heres where you can have some fun; does it mean anything in those match ups?

San Fransisco & St. Louis are both 1-5 at home
Detroit is 4-3
Seattle is 6-1
Giants are 3-3
Philadelphia is 2-5

While the AFC home teams are 5-1, 5-1, 4-3, 4-3

Odds are definitely looking against the NFC, especially with the Giants playing the Patriots but I can also see this final 10 coming out in the NFC's favor 7-3 at best for a 34-31 finish.

Interesting note: No Division leader has lost more than 1 home game.

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