Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Mightly AFC rolls on

AFC 28 - NFC 28 heading into week 16....

Pittsburgh over St. Louis


Detroit over Kansas City
New York Giants over Buffalo
Seattle over Baltimore

So that gives us: Mighty Invincible AFC 29 - Weak no-shot NFC 31

With Week 17:
New England at New York Giants
Buffalo at Philadelphia
San Fransisco at Cleveland
Minnesota at Denver

I'm thinking Patriots over Giants, Eagles over Bills, Cleveland over S.F. and in a total toss-up Minnesota running backs over Denver's poor run-defense for a grand total of NFC 34 - AFC 30; that is by no means a clear thing, all of the game (except the first one) are toss-ups, all 6 of those other teams are on-off teams and you never know what you'll get, plus all 4 of the games are going to be cold weather games.

Why do I keep commenting on this while the Patriots and Colts are supposedly so awesome; when people say you can't look at the total records of the conference... because you can.. becuase this is proof of changing times. The disparity in the AFC is great compared to the NFC who is picking up the slack now where they not only lost the overall conference matchup, but got hammered; in fact when was the last time this happened... about 7 years ago when the NFC's parity slipped and the St. Louis Rams were killing everyone but the rest of the league was weak while they simply got the consolation prize winner of Oakland and New England... Now I'm not saying New England will get upset like the Rams did back then, but this sure is setting up to look just like it... a team no one will bet against playing well anyone from the NFC will be considered a done deal, and even if the Patriots win, next season's momentum has already shifted to the NFC who has teams a few year in to their rebuilding while the AFC teams are just starting their downswing...I wouldn't think much beyond the Dolphins, Jets, Raiders, Baltimore, Kansas City, and Cincinnati rebounding anytime soon;

Why overall do those teams matter. Well because The patriots have knotted up 15 wins so far this season, and only 4-5 of those wins came against good teams and 6 were automatic against their division then add in the Bills and Bengals, and then you look at their 3 closest games... 1 was the colts while the other 2 were the Eagles at home and a really piss-poor Ravens team. What is going to happen is that no matter how many times you go 16-0, if 11-12 of those games are basically easy push-overs, then you struggle when real competition shows up...

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