Monday, December 3, 2007

A weekend capped by stupidity

The Saints call a gimmicky reverse when trying to run the clock out, Joe Gibbs double-calls time-out for a 15-yard penalty, but the best of it all… the absolute stupidity of the Bowl Championship Series.

I could go on for weeks about this… and I will. But first lets examine the overall stupidity of the so-called championship system: Everyone screams about how college football is the best season because every game is a playoff game… yet undefeated Hawai’i got no consideration for the National Championship… just as Boise State and Utah got screwed in seasons past.

Hawai’i began the season #23 and couldn’t get higher than #10 yet Kansas was #2 after starting the season unranked and playing a weaker schedule than Hawai’i… the only difference? Kansas is in a BCS conference.

The way the season played out this year we (as fans) were subjected to 6 different coaches politicking on national television telling us why they think their team should get in national championship:

6 teams all claiming their shot at the NC while claiming Hawai’i had a poor schedule, yet their schedule was about the same as USC, Ohio State, Kansas and Missouri’s (NOT TO MENTION that Michigan was actually scheduled to open with Hawai’i but dropped them for fear that Hawai’i might actually be able to beat them, talk about karma); Georgia loses twice and doesn’t even win its conference or division but claims they deserve it because they are “playing better”; USC barely eeks out the Pac-10 on tiebreakers and also claims the “playing better” argument, yet if you look at their end of schedule its nothing to care about. Yet through all of this Hawai’i beat everyone that would play them, and beat them all convincingly and gets the “privilege” of playing in the Sugar Bowl…

Not kidding the BCS says that Hawai’i is getting the privilege to be allowed into their prestigious system, and this brings me to my biggest point about why the NCAA absolutely MUST institute a playoff system.

The NCAA through its “post-season” system is mandating discrimination based solely on unjustifiable prejudice. Every other sport in the NCAA system has a playoff; why does football (only in division 1) continue to not? How does it make any sense to mandate discrimination and force people to discriminate?

Don’t understand it, here it is in short. Right now and for the past decade we tell 55 Division I football teams that they don’t matter, that they might as well not play their games because we’re not going to let them win the national championship anyway, but MORESO and MORE APPALLING We degrade them and nationally criticize teams that lose to them and criticize their conferences and their universities and in every way possible, tell them that they are lower football beings than the BCS conference teams simply based on absolutely nothing than our own prejudices and simply Because the BCS said so.

Seriously, listen to any idiot football fan or analyst talk about Hawai’i right now; They don’t even give Hawai’i the attention to watch their game but will very quickly tell you they are inferior to the BCS teams…

I was probably one of the very few people who actually stayed up and watched Hawai'i; they are simply amazing and should be playing in the national championship over any 2-loss team out there. People saw the first 5 minutes and then the final score and assume Hawai'i just squeaked it out. They freaking dominated that game, just like they dominated Boise State.

Essentially they spotted Washington 21 points with silly turnovers all within the first 10 minutes of the game and Washington never really threatened again not to mention they could NOT stop Hawai’i from scoring. So erase the silly fumbles and Hawai'i wins the game by 28 instead of by 7.

Right now I would take Hawai'i, U. of Central Florida, and maybe even BYU to beat any of the top 9 BCS teams on a neutral field in a playoff atmosphere. Any idiot fan or analyst would laugh at this and say they have NO chance, but how in the hell do they know when they won't let them even try.

On top of our extreme prejudice and downright discrimination and slander thrown at the Non-BCS teams we think we are so awesome that we can correctly predict which teams are better, all 119 of them. Then for a second we decided that obviously we can’t watch 60 games each week so we let ourselves be lent a hand from something that could: computers, and the moment it gave us the match up we didn’t want to see we went right back to ranking the teams ourselves and for the past 2 seasons more than ever, we’ve lent the league to politics, bringing a team into the national championship game with absolutely NO EXPLANATION as to why/how they leapfrogged teams we previously had ranked ahead of them.

13 top-five teams have lost to unranked opponents, eight of them doing so at home). With all the loses that happened this season (only 1 undefeated team and only 2 1 loss tams) how could any person have such an ego to think that they could correctly look at those teams and decide which of them is better?

The first thing that should happen is all the 55 non-BCS schools should make their own playoff, but while a little unrealistic here is one that isn’t. Non-BCS schools should for now on refuse to play BCS schools until they allow them into the post-season “system.”

“The system remains an insult to the sport, and to fans who are smart enough to know they're being sold swampland disguised as beachfront property.”- Pat Forde


Jester said...
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Jester said...

Disagree 100% how many players has hawaii put into the draft in the past 5 years??? Crickets chirping thats what i thought like 10 even if, the caliber of play is just nothing close. Hawaii barely eeked out on a few teams none of which they barely beat were ranked. I'm going to be glad when everyone with small school syndrome gets shut up after Georgia beats hawaii and oh by the way who cares if Georgia or USC lobbied for there teams. Thats what they are payed to do. Like you wouldn't lobby for your team if you were the head coach. So finally in conclussion the best 2 teams are playing in the national championship. They played better than most teams with the tougher schedules. Maybe things could have been different but alot of crazy losses happened at the end of the season and left it open for these 2 teams. I say Congratulations to LSU and OSU, but as always GO TIGERS!!!

Allen Wedge said...

ok first of all you missed the whole point of what I wrote which is simply this: THE BCS SYSTEM NEEDS TO GO for a multitude of reasons, but the most basic is that it is flawed in that it does not offer a fair chance to all 120 division I schools in lieu of "tradition"

but that aside let me go through your arguments made:

#1 how many people did the Oregon state Beavers put in the Major Leagues, the 2005 Longhorns into the NFL. This can't be further from anything that matters. Last I remember competition was based on who won the competitions, not their careers afterward. I mean come on, Ty Detmer won a Heisman.

#2 how could you possibly compare the caliber of play between Hawai'i and LSU when they don't even have similar opponents?

#3 mid-majors is not a syndrome; these college athletes are no different from the other schools except because of where they decided to attend college. PLUS Boise state and Utah both went undefeated. 2 out of 3 in BCS bowls sure as hell wouldn't shut anyone up or prove anything; just like Hawai'i winning wouldn't prove anything either.

#4 I never said anything bad about the coaches lobbying, they are in fact PAID to do that. However, forcing coaches to become politicians is stupid and couldn't be firther than what they should be doing. Having them rank 120 teams is also stupid, because not only is there no way they can watch all the teams play but as we witnessed last week they all rank teams that make them look better higher.

#5 I honestly hope you did not just claim that Ohio state played a tough schedule... Sagarin rankings will quickly tell you otherwise,

but most of all without pitting any of these teams against each other or similar opponents how can anyone possibly know who is better?

My whole point is this. The BCS each year forces the polls to name their champ as the national champion yet they do not allow a fair chance to all teams nor any way for them to be accurately judged against each other.