Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend of Snow!

There’s that one weekend marred by weather for a team, rarely does it hit half the games all on the same day. I’m not sure what was more amusing, watching the ball blow off the tee and roll down the field in New York, the slipping sliding in Cleveland plus the refs not being able to find the 50 yard line… or seeing highlights of the San Diego game in the sun….

So first things first…. NFC 28 – AFC 28 (apparently I made a mistake in my math last week as this is the current standings showing on both NFL and Espn.) so this weekend was just another tie but here’s what’s next:

Week 16:
Pittsburgh at St. Louis
Kansas City at Detroit
New York Giants at Buffalo
Baltimore at Seattle

The way all of these teams are playing, I’d say that every one of those four games is a toss-up right now.

More importantly, playoff races. The AFC is more or less set assuming no major hiccups by Cleveland, they can actually in-fact still win the division with the way Pittsburgh is playing and to be honest playing at Cleveland (even if its just the first round) is a scary thought for any other team, that team has been losing for decades yet has the craziest fans, imagine them in a playoff atmosphere...possibly in a snow-storm…

On the NFC side, just when you expect things to work itself out, doors stay open. The Cowboys fall to the Eagles in a low scoring dome game!? Yeah sure the roof was open, but there is no excuse for 10-6 in a dome (I realize the Eagles could have scored to end it for possibly the smartest play I’ve seen all season.). So that re-opens the 1st seed back up to the Packers; but then the Seahawks lose to Carolina. I understand that it is some serious jetlag for them to go all the way to the east coast but Carolina was starting its 4th QB of the season. This actually wasn’t on the defense but the offense.

More importantly however, The Giants to the Redskins and the Saints won. The Giants end with Buffalo and New England both away and both games they will very probably lose; I’m not sure if they have the tiebreaker over the Saints, Vikings or Redskins; but if NFL and ESPN are neither saying that the Giants have clinched then here’s what we’re hoping for, the Giants lose both, and the Saints or Redskins win out.


Minnesota, Tampa Bay, the Saints, and Redskins are hot right now, and if maybe not hit they look like lava next to the Giants who simply racked up early wins against crappy teams. (remember only think about performance: the Saints and Redskins would both be on even better streaks right now if not for one bad call or play in games) But more importantly, the Giants are boring and will get pummeled by whomever they play. Eli hasn’t yet been able to get the team to rally around him and Shockey is out now as well, that loss last night told you everything you need to know about why we want the Giants to lose 2 more games and to have the Vikings and Saints/Redskins in the playoffs instead; who wants to watch the same Giants team from the last 4 years once again flame out?

In other side news the Falcons try for Cowher, but he says he’s not interested… Not interest in coaching was his claim, which can be true, but is it really, not interested in the Falcons?

Anything Else? Germany wins Nations Cup (Race of Champions) ousting the USA in the first round. Jimmy Johnson said he just couldn’t get used to the Rally car 4-wheel drive…(there were also right turns on this course...)

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