Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hope Oregon State never matches up with Penn State

What would Fox do if they made it to a BCS bowl game???

Apparently they would announce "Welcome to the Sugar Bowl where we will see the match up of the Oregon State hmmhmmhmhs and the Penn state Nittany Lions who come in with a substantial undefeated record at home at MmmmMmmm stadium"

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, lets have Bob Parson from godaddy inform you:

"Last week, FOX network rejected Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad because an actor referred to a beaver – a replica beaver that was, in fact, being portrayed – as a “beaver.” We were told that under no circumstance could we use that word, and if we didn’t say the word “beaver,” the ad would be approved.

I withdrew the rejected ad and will instead show it on Super Bowl Sunday on the Go Daddy Web site. I've shown that "beaver ad," which stars Danica Patrick and is formally titled “Exposure," to perhaps 30 people. Without exception, everyone thought it was the best and funniest ad we’ve ever done. They all remarked: "what a shame Fox won’t let you show it."

Now I'm sure godaddy pushes the envelope a little more than he alludes to, but seriously, if in reality they refer to the animal itself as a beaver, and that is all that needed to be changed; people at the FCC need to be shot. Seriously, what do you call that animal now? We're not allowed to say beaver yet every night of the week I have like 3-4 options on which homicide detective show I can watch where their will either show or show the aftermath of brutal killing or violence, or just show a bunch of violence, (Sopranos & Prison Break) just to name two off the top of my head...

So remember kids; its ok to depict the brutal slaying of many people and the gory thoughts of psycho killers, but don't you dare utter the name of an animal that might be associated with pubic hair by very mature people; because that is the beginning of the end of the world!

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