Saturday, January 12, 2008

late post

I was waiting for Friday, then got busy. So I'm a bit late here. But forget what I said last week. Washington ruined the whole thing. New prediction:

There will be no upsets in the NFL playoffs this weekend.

I know everyone loves Jacksonville and New York. But look at Wedge's post, first of all. Then here are my reasons:

1. New York did not threaten Dallas during the season.

2. In a game that will come down to QB vs. defense, who do you like better? Jacsonville's QB or New England's QB?

3. Seattle has played good defense against bad or average QBs. Brett Favre is not bad or average and can beat their defense.

4. The Colts are the defending champs and the Chargers have a sissy cry baby at QB.

I'll probably be 2-2 again. Hooray! The Furious Wedge = guaranteed mediocrity.

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