Friday, February 8, 2008

Is It Over?

In the ever great words of Agent Smith... I normally would never comment on American Open Wheel racings on-going split and merger possibilities because there have been literally over 100 false hopes of a merger in the past, and even as recently as a month ago.

And as I left work yesterday I started seeing rumblings that we should have BIG news on it in the next day or two about the split being over...

And verily overnight came the overflow of reports from bloggers and news outlets: TSN, Indy Racing Revolution, Autosport, Pressdog etc etc but they are all basicly stemming from Robin Miller's Report on SpeedTV

It looks like one thing has definitely happened, whatever "no deal" was being said a month ago looks like it was a smoke screen to all the media so that they could get some kind of merger actually done... look like...

So is this 12+ year war in Indy Car racing over? Will we finally have only ONE series, will the Indy 500 go back to its overflowing fields, will we see races with over 18 cars on the track?

Obviously after 100 non-mergers one wants to just wait for the official announcement and not get the hopes up, but I have to say that my hopes are up real high right now. Why, because while most media are being stymied, the one guy who is getting the information (Robin Miller) has been supposedly getting it from an inside source and no one has yet come to the light and refuted anything he has reported, they've surely side-stepped but never denied.

I'll wait for details before I do any kind of big report, but what makes Robin's report look good is that it has quotes from the big players and owners all acknowledging that some kind of deal has been agreed to and is being hammered out... more on this later...hopefully

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