Monday, February 4, 2008

NFC 33 - AFC 32

The Unstoppable AFC loses in the years comprehensive result. That's right maybe the NFC isn't so horrible after all... in fact, I'd submit to you that we just witnessed the exact turning of the tide.

The eerie thing is how close this year and Superbowl is to the last time we saw the tide turn (Patriots over Rams) in that game the Rams were 14 point favorites, and no one thought an AFC team could beat a NFC team, then the game was not only close but the team that had been hammering people seemed to buckle under a startling amount of pressure from the other defense, and in both games the underdog won the game in the final minute of the game...

Sound like yesterday's SuperBowl much?? Well what's in store for the AFC, take a look at the AFC East outside of the Patriots... Look at how weak the AFC West has become... I'm not going to guarantee it but it sure looks like we just witnessed the next turn in the tide of AFC vs NFC... its happened numerous times, its nothing new, its just annoying to hear the announcers/analysts talk all year about how crappy the NFC was compared to the AFC.. especially when the NFC won the matchup (and if you don't count Superbowl they tied, which is much better than being "over matched").

Patriots Side note: Is Bill Belichick a robot? Did any of you SEE that press conference, and the word though reporters is that he basically had nothing to say to the team after the game... was he not programmed to have losing as a possibility?

On the best note of all: Congrats to Tom Coughlin and especially Eli Manning who in 5 consecutive weeks shut up all his antagonists (and the 1 interception in all of it was the receivers fault); and congrats to Tiki Barber... just because...

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