Friday, February 29, 2008

'Sarah Fisher Racing' Starting to Make Sense

So I and a lot of people who follow racing were puzzled by Sarah Fisher's leaving a full time ride at Dreyer & Reinbold to start her own team which is barely ready to run this year even part time.

Her press conference didn't do much to explain the real reason I think she started a new team but now I think we know. If you catch her interview with ESPN from yesterday you'll catch what I think is the real reason as she alludes to wanting to start a family sometime in the near future now that she's married. That is entirely understandable and becoming an owner allows her to stay in racing without having to be in the car. I think knowing this, no one can fault her on making this move now because this is obviously all about looking out for their future and staying in racing which is what they love.

Also learned is that they estimate to start up a team it costs roughly $5 million the first year including buying everything you need... now I know just how much I need to win in the lottery...

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