Thursday, March 27, 2008

MLB Predictions

Well, I've been waiting for some questions to be answered before making my predictions. Will Chicago and Baltimore ever make this trade? There are so many pitchers who are limping into the regular season. Well, the season is here, so here we go. Your official FW MLB 2008 predictions:

AL East - The Yankees will be good. But Boston is just too talented to lose this division, right? Baltimore will be terrible. Rejecting the Cubs' offer of four prospects for Roberts makes no sense at this point.

1. Boston
2. New York (wild card)
3. Toronto
4. Tampa Bay
5. Baltimore

AL Central - I've been thinking Detroit here the last couple of months, but now that I really think about it, I believe Cleveland can outpitch Detroit.

1. Cleveland
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Minnesota
5. Kansas City

AL West - Complete toss-up. I liked Seatlle last year and LA is hurting for pitching right now.

1. Seattle
2. Los Angeles
3. Oakland
4. Texas

NL East - Very tough. As much as I'd love to see Atlanta return to the top here, Philly and NY have too much talent. Alou and Pedro are wildcards here, so I'll go with Philly.

1. Philadelphia
2. New York
3. Atlanta
4. Florida
5. Washington

NL Central - Should be a summer-long race again. Dusty should create some kind of spark in Cincy.

1. Chicago
2. Milwaukee
3. Cincinnati
4. Houston
5. St. Louis
6. Pittsburgh

NL West - Should be another summer-long two-team race here.

1. Colorado
2. Arizona (wild card)
3. San Diego
4. Los Angeles
5. San Francisco

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