Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's more than just a locker...

Hello, welcome to Lambeau Field. I'm your tour guide, Joe. We'll begin our tour here in the home team's locker room.

First I will point out the disgusting locker to your left which has not been touched in months. See, it's more than just a locker. It's Brett Favre's locker. We've made it a point to preserve as much of Favre's presence as we could to both inspire our younger players and to allow people like you to witness history.

Another example is this jock strap right here. Don't touch it! It's pretty nasty, actually. But it's Brett Favre's and we're going to leave it right there.

Now, watch your step over here. That's more than just a puke stain. Brett Favre threw up right there one time. Isn't it amazing?

These painkillers? That's right. Brett actually left a few of these behind. As much as Aaron Rodgers will need these next year, we've once again decided to leave them untouched.

And now... if you'll follow me into the restroom, you'll find we have perfectly preserved the last time Brett Favre used... where are you going?? This is more than just a restroom, people!!


Allen Wedge said...

So did you like tour the stadium just now or something?

Mike said...

Haha... No, the Packers coach said this last week. They are leaving Favre's locker as is and are not assigning it to anyone because "it's more than just a locker." Google it, I'm sure something will come up.