Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it really this bad?

I'll have the post race notes up in a bit but have in the meantime come up on something more important. This article from the Sports Business Journal is, as an IndyCar fan, one of the scariest reports I have seen in a long time.

If this situation: no one wants to broadcast more than the Indy 500, is the actual situation the Series is in right now, then I'd think the best course of action is to secure the title sponsor and force ESPN to the next year that is in place and hope that things continue to go up into next season and re-look at the situation then...

In all honesty, I can understand ESPN's point of view in not wanting to shell out $10 million for it; you can see by the multitudes of commercials being shoved in the broadcasts that IndyCar isn't likely bringing in the big bucks to ESPN, only smaller racing associated ones...

However, I don't think you will convince ANY fan ANYWHERE, that going to another network for 6 races is better than revenue sharing all races with ESPN/ABC; that is assuming ABC/ESPN is talking about all races on that plan. Here's hoping that the times are better than they are looking in that report.

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