Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Championship Weekend... shoot, Silly Season is upon us!

Again I apologize for the lack of posting; we are still in the process of moving as we are currently guest bedroom hopping as we wait to close on our new home... but lets get right into this:

Sure, we still have a championship to settle coming into this last race but Dario is Back, Wheldon is returning to his roots and stealing Vitor's ride in the process... who was told of all this via an e-mail and Franck Perera is getting his second chance at the big leagues... with A.J. Foyt!?

Silly Season is truly upon us and if you are an IndyCar fan of any kind you've got to be excited. A year ago we had just lost one of the best tracks on the schedule, and were losing our two most recent champions and sponsors and car counts were going by the wayside...

fast forward a year: we're unified with turbos and most likely multiple engine manufacturers coming back in the future, and car counts are very much up to the extent that two races already this year had to remark pit sizes to accomodate the cars, the series is finally getting a TV partner who wants them, and in a position to actually turn down tracks as their are more suitors than there are open slots.

The only thing for me that can complete this picture really only comes down to one final wish for next season...

- Vitor gets hired on somewhere, (hopefully RLR where he once did very well garnering 2 of his three most popular finishes, one a top 5 closest ever finish, the other finishing 2nd at Indy)

- The reason for this wish is simply domino effect... Vitor lost his ride at Rahal Letterman Racing due to lack of carrying sponsorship, and in fact is losing his ride at Panther for the same reason. If Vitor were able to get on at a team for 2009 we would truly see the most important aspect this league needs: teams hiring talent over ride-buyers.

See the full wish list goes like this:

- Vitor gets on at RLR, HVM, Conquest, Coyne, LDR, SFR, Forsythe or Panther etc. Vitor is a good fit anywhere he goes.

- That if he ends up still in the league, wherever Vitor ends up he does better than Wheldon for the year. I don't dislike Panther for letting him go, thats a racing deal, happens all the time, I do however wish they had the balls to talk to Vitor rather than to send him an e-mail.

- Sarah Fisher Racing, Luzco Dragon Racing, Forsythe, Fernandez are all able to put together full time 2009 rides; and HVM, RLR and Foyt are able to put together the 2nd car that they want.

- Hopefully Sarah Fisher whose ambitions really only tie to ovals, would make the car full time and get someone in the car for the road courses and eventually turn the car over to him/her when she decides to start the family with Andy.

- The series lands its title sponsor, but more hopefully, it lands Subway; because of the three potential sponsors we've heard out there Subway really has by far the best activation possibilities.

and the last two most importantly:

- D&R does well enough with sponsors that they are finally able to put Townsend Bell/Alex Barron anyone else but Milka in the second car like we all know they really want to.

- Enough teams and rides are put together that Marty Roth will have no choice but to put John Andretti or Jay Howard or anyone else in his car simply to get the car(s) qualified. I believe this scenairo would work out tremendously for Roth Racing and turn them into something very promising. You see this would allow Roth to bow out looking like he made the decision to go and not having been forced out by the league. I think Roth would truly then see the joy in ownership and take his team to the level we all know it can be at.

Plus then Roth can enter himself in an additional 3rd car for the Indy 500 which we all know is his big dream and he'd be able to still do that without comprimising his teams season and he imself would have a better shot at making the field with a season's worth of great information from real full time drivers.

Thats all... none of it really unrealistic in any shot... but we'll just have to wait and see...

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