Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Never Been Clearer Words of Wisdom

I've said it before but dabraham227 says it best:


"These "mock" BCS standings are stupid. Why would Alabama not be number one? They beat Clemson and Georgia... who has Oklahoma beat? TCU? Not quite the same as Georgia sorry"

Actually its not stupid, this is how they will look when the real standings come out. If you don't like the fact that Alabama has played better opponents then you should lobby your congressman, oh wait they are busy trying to pass a bailout bill. Everyone hated that OU and LSU played in the 2003 national championship game and USC got left out so the BCS was changed so that media darlings have the upper hand now with the polls counting for 2/3. I will say what I said then, when you put that much emphasis on the polls you are negating the whole reason the BCS was created in the first place (to eliminate the human element and create an unbiased championship game). Now we are right back where we started in 1997, you can blame USC for that.


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