Monday, November 10, 2008

And It Shall Happen

Wow, talk about calling it; (ok not entirely calling it as there were reports A1GP was offering to replace the IRL should it go)

BUT, Not even a day after my post below and we have now received official word that the IRL and Surfer's Paradise will be letting each other go their separate ways which made a lot of sense for both parties, but to continue making sense in decisions, Surfer's Paradise and A1GP will be picking up where they left off in 2009.

It'll be a shame if this (as we all expect will) adversely affects KV Racing in the IndyCar Series or more directly Will Power's status as a driver, but the unfortunate fact for them is that what has now happened makes too much sense for the 2 series and Surfer's Paradise.

I can't tell you how good all these decisions are for all three parties involved, just read the post below.

I'm a very happy fan, and you should be too if you are a fan of racing. If you liked Surfer's Paradise as an IndyCar Series fan, trust me it will be just as good as an A1GP event, and a great start to the IndyCar offseason.

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