Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why the IRL should let go of Surfer's Paradise

For those of you who didn't stay up to watch the A1GP race all the way to it's conclusion at 3am Eastern, you missed a great race. I can honestly say I've only watched the series here and there in the past but this new car by Ferrari and the upwards car count the series has right now, and the familiarity of a good deal of the drivers has me pumped about its next race.

And with the Queensland Australia and the IRL unable to come to a date and money compromise it seems to make perfect sense at this point for the IRL to concede the race and let A1GP take it over, not just because it makes sense for the IRL to not lose money or crown a champ overseas, but because it just makes too much sense for A1GP to be there.

#1 A1GP is all about inter-nationality, this series exists to race in different countries, they can handle this.

#2 the cars have power boost(push button limited use extra HP) which would greatly help the action at a too-tight track like Surfer's

#3 Most importantly for the fans, it is an incredibly easy series to follow for a crowd like Surfer's, one that isn't all that into a specific racing series, all they would need to do is pick the appropriate country and cheer. I can't tell you how fun and easy racing can be once you break it down like that. Photo: Cheering for Marco last night was so easy when he's racing stars and stripes.

#4 A1GP could really use more dates on their calendar to help fill it up and not make it so spread out as it currently is.

Look, I'm a big fan of the ICS, it is and always will be my #1, but A1GP needs to take over Surfer's, especially considering the date problems the IRL and Queensland can't really overcome; they've been trying to work this out for some time, but so long as the dates are gridlocked this will never fully work for either party no matter the compromise, and that is forgetting about any money loss problems for teams and sponsors of the ICS.

For the ICS it would mean having more time to concentrate on issues easily within their grasp than trying to force this race to happen and force themselves to deal with the problems of money loss for teams and overseas champion crowning possibilities. As for A1GP, the U.S. needs to really look into getting a date on this schedule so we can root for the home team at least once more.

P.S. a note to; A1GP's online coverage is the best thing I've ever seen. ITs completely flawless sound and audio that never buffers and is incredibly clear.

for those of you that haven't seen it check out the race in Malaysia in 2 weeks and tell me what you think.


Pat W said...

I agree, it makes perfect sense.
They raced at Eastern Creek in Australia in previous seasons, they aren't making the trip this year unless the TBA race turns out to be there. A1GP does street races very well too. It would fit very well.

BTW, I think they raced at Laguna Seca in the first season. It does need to go back to the US.

Andy said...

Good news all round. Surfers was the cherry on the icing on the cake for the IRL - and cake doesn't have to have cherries to be good. OTOH, it could become the big event in the A1GP schedule rather easily - though it's not so good for the traditional opener in Zandvoort. But what the heck. As for A1GP in the US, now Andretti Green are involved I think it will happen sooner rather than later.

Goose said...

osyWhile I'm disappointed that the IRL isn't going back to Surfer's, it's not a huge loss for me as I follow A1GP and have been for a while. This was actually the first time I followed a race live online and it's much better than doing the same for an IndyCar/Indy Lights event. Not only is the stream more consistent but the timing and scoring screen is pretty good, too, with the F1 style T&S notes (best lap, personal best, in/out, etc) and other extras.