Saturday, January 24, 2009

12 laps to go in A1GP

Team Monaco off course in Taupo, but not far enough; our first caution will certainly make this ending interesting as we now get all bunched up and everyone who's been saving PowerBoost (Doornbos, Andretti, Guimaraes) should have a chance to make use of that now, especially on a restart..

In Daytona we're only looking at 9 cars on the leader's lap, as we're really starting to see the "endurance" in endurance race take its toll as many teams are making extensive pit stops or just breaking altogether, be it tires, clutches and the like as we go off of SPEED, potentially the worst part of the blogathon, we go to internet only for race coverage.

UPDATE: And Marco does make use of it getting past Italy and now setting eyes, once again, on India's Karthikeyan

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