Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds

IF (4.5/5) - Good all around. Alex Gonzales is back from injury. Ramon Hernandez at catcher helps a lot. If Phillips' numbers are closer to his 2007 stats, this is a very good infield unit.

OF (3/5) - Pretty young group and not much depth right now. Bruce showed power, but needs to drive in more runs. Taveras had nearly 70 SBs despite a fairly low OBP. They'll likely be relying on Dickerson to start.

SP (3/5) - Lots of potential here. If 3-4 guys have career years, you're looking at a very good rotation. Unfortunately, the odds are probably against that. Harang had an awful year and they need him to rebound and lead these young guys. Volquez is good, obviously, and Cueto could get there. It's time for Bailey to show something.

RP (3/5) - Not bad. Cordero and Weathers are strong and Rhodes was signed to help out. They'll need other guys to step up though.

Wildcards: Ramon Ramirez, Micah Owings, Daniel Ray Herrera

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Vinter said...

Overall, I think I agree. I really can't see how Harang could have anything close to the year he had last year, considering he was hurt pretty bad. Also, I think Bruce and Votto will have an easier time driving in runs, as we have more base-hitters in the lineup this year. As opposed to Dunn and Griffey sitting on the bench, due to strikeout or solo home run.