Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: Houston Astros

Houston Astros

IF (4/5) - Tejada and Berkman are great offensive players obviously. Matsui is a nice spark who will steal and score. If Boone starts at 3B, they can't expect much offense. We haven't seen Quintero catch a full season, but he hasn't shown much offensively.

OF (4/5) - Corners are solid. If Bourn raises his OBP he'll steal 50+ bases. Not much depth here though.

SP (2.5/5) - Plenty of upside, but I'd be worried entering the season with this rotation. We know there's Oswalt, but then what? If they rely on Hampton, that's risky. Backe, Rodriguez, and Moehler would all have to have good years for this rotation to put fear into opposing teams.

RP (4/5) - Could be pretty solid here, as it seems to be the deepest part of the team. Valverde, Hawkins, Brocail, and others are solid relievers. No stars, but they should be able to maintain leads. Can the rotation give them enough leads though?

Wildcards: Mike Hampton, Fernando Nieve, Lou Palmisano, Danny Graves (remember when he was good?)

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