Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Hour diet

so assuming I make it to the end of this race I'll actually have been awake for somewhere near 29-30 hours straight... the diet for this kind of schedule is... well... not that much mostly due to my snack of choice; so here's what I've got:

-5 bottles of ICB Root Beer
-2-3 glasses of water
-Roast Beef sandwich (french dip with Au Jus)
-baked ruffles potato chips
-half of a homemade pepperoni pizza (when you have time, you have time to make pizza from scratch)
-an entire 1 pound bag of David Sunflower seeds
-2 glasses of milk
-a couple sticks of gum (over the course of the blogathon, not all at once)
-a banana
-2 sausage bisquits
-glass of Orange Juice

the sunflower seeds are perfect to hold you over for many hours in a row...

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