Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are we set to go to the end?

Top 5 all changed drivers; I think Buddy Rice drank an entire Red Bull before that interview; man he's pumped up, and also keeps us going with great quotes like "I'm so retarded" and his awesome hat bills; man I hope he's got that seat at Pacific Rubicon Racing...

Looks like Pruett is plenty spent; much different than the other times we've seen him get out the car. Sounds like they just don't have anything for the #58. But Garcia is the one who put the #58 into the wall in the night; so #58 crew just has to hope they stay clean.


PipSTA said...

So, how many on the lead lap? Last time I knew from the live timing, I'm pretty sure it was yesterday. I'm seriously confused.

Allen Wedge said...

4 on the lead lap:

1) 58 Brumos Porsche
2) 01 Ganassi Lexus
3) 10 SunTrust Ford
4) 59 Brumos Porsche

PipSTA said...

And Ive just found live timing once again. Only two hours left, and I'm going to spend some of that time eating.