Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crossing the tape of the Blogathon!!!

Wow, everybody, just freaking wow!!!

As far as the race, what didn't the opening to the 2009 season have??? Most cautions; most distance covered in DP era, closest finish, not sure but possibly most cars on leap lap??? 24 Hours of racing and we had what may be the closest finish of this season! I can't say enough about this awesome action!

...(takes a breath)...

Well everyone, we finally come to the end of the craziest idea we've had yet here at the Furious Wedge.

138 posts in 25 hours!!!

I can assure you it was a blast! Firstly, I have to thank my wife, for not only not killing me for coming up and going through with this crazy idea, and also joining in the viewing for a good part of it (she in fact knitted herself an entire fingerless glove during the process).

Thank you Andy (SpeedGeek) and Mike (Ron Furious) for posting and joining in all you did; Thanks to all of you who followed, chatted, commented along with us at any point in this wild marathon of typing, analysis, and for me personally, sleep deprivation, I can't believe I just went the entire 25 hours of coverage... and every bit of it was great: from driver interviews, legal troubles with SPEED, watching 2 TVs and a computer monitor all at the same time... man just... fun.

I can tell you this for sure, I enjoyed the action, enjoyed all your company, and really hope that even those silent readers out there enjoyed this as much as we all did at Furious Wedge. We got what I personally think was to date the best 24 Hours of Daytona to date; I really can't remember the last time the action stayed so close, surely to this magnitude.

We got to learn that Team Ireland's Adam Carroll is a dominating force in A1GP, only 2nd to a hiccup out of the pits and also that his nickname is "princess" !? We got to see the longest match in Women's tennis this year, Ron's ideas for improving the Daytona 24, most likely Roger Federer's biggest comeback of his career and even got to throw in some record snowboarding, racing snowmobiles, and... second only to Daytona's action.... a giant friggin pipe organ with fireworks & light show on top of a gigantic hockey puck.

I can't wait to hopefully attempt this again next year...

but for now; I've gone 25 straight hours blogging, and about 32 without sleep... I think it's time for a nap...

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Pat W said...

Congrats for going the whole distance - and more!