Monday, January 26, 2009

A day to Catch Up/Take it All In

Firstly: Don't miss Ron's follow-up on the ridiculous high-school basketball coach below...

Secondly: Thanks again for anyone who played any part in the blogathon, It was a lot of fun, and fun that played far and wide! How much exactly? We just took a look at our site-statistics for the weekend; In all we had visitors and commenters from 36 different U.S. States and 32 different countries!!

I'm still taking it all in, and wondering what the quote of the weekend was; I've got it down to: Buddy Rice's "I'm so retarded", Sal Masakela's "They go down through the super channel of death" & Shane Lewis's "As far as the drivers go 80% are doing a great job, 15% are completely lost, and the other 5% are the AMA guys that keep trying to jump the bus stop instead of driving through it.""

I tell you what though; I do know what the quote of last week was. I always said the IRL's move to Versus is a good thing, and hopefully now more people will start to get that. 10 weeks out of the season and Versus has already started advertising the IndyCar Series for 2009; complete with multiple talk-in's during the NHL All-Star Game!

But I said something about a quote right? ahh yes, indeed there is one and it come via Versus president Jamie Davis in an article of the Boston Globe:

"'We made it a priority to start building up our original programming. One of the things we did in October was we launched a show called Sports Soup. '

Davis said Versus's long-term plan is to launch 2-3 more original shows this year and add shows in 2010.

He promises that none will be people sitting at a desk discussing statistics and showing highlights."

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