Monday, January 5, 2009

Follow-Up: Offseason Fun #2: IndyCar Book Club

Following up on Offseason Fun #2: IndyCar Book Club

I give a good thumbs up to Jack Arute's Tales From the Indy 500, as Jeff at My Name is IRL pointed out, it is a great collection of short little tidbits from Arute's many years at the Indy 500, a great read, I'll go 8 out of 10, very enjoyable; my only complaint is that I just wish there were more to it, I'm sure he has much more he could tell us beyond just the 500 and drivers but decided to stay away from the in-depth or underlying stories of the industry.

My 2nd book I'm going to have to tell you, may be one of the best books you will read from not only about racing; but just the historical perspective itself about something that has affected the world/society so much. INDY: Racing Before the 500 By: D. Bruce Scott gets a huge thumbs up and 10 out of 10 from me. And this is just not for car racing fans, you get National Balloon Races, the Wright Brothers, motorcycles, as well as many car races, all the facts you can imagine and even analysis and quotes. How Mr. Scott was able to collect all of this nearly 100 years later is amazing in itself, his presentation is amazing and definitely a must for any fan of IndyCars, Stock Cars, or just IMS itself, history buffs, car buffs, flying buffs, anyone who wants to know the amazing happenings in 1909 and 1910 at what became Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Trust me go get youself a copy of either... next for me Alex Zanardi's My Sweetest Victory.

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