Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ganassi 02 out of contention!?

wow Franchitti in 3rd blows past the chicane and then also doesn't stop at the line to wait!? brake problems?

UPDATE: so they fix the brake problem and go a lap down but then have to serve their penalty for driving through the chicane and go another lap down... still plenty time to get that back though.


Mike said...

I just picked them to win. What did you think would happen?

Allen Wedge said...

Well technically you just said Ganassi; they have 2 cars out there, the 01 and the 02... and If Dario can stay in front of Angelelli like this until a caution he can surely get those laps back, still 7 hours left, plenty time for cautions.

Mike said...

Ha, it was a trick! I now have two chances to win. But no, I meant the team that just blew it, unfortunately. Time for a comeback?