Saturday, January 24, 2009

'Geeky Thoughts: Hour 2

A quite uneventful hour. Other than the aforementioned carambroulage (or however David Hobbs says that word) between GT cars and a couple more mechanical problems, that was a fairly quiet hour. Penske is still not getting the distance they would want from a tank of fuel. Maybe I missed some on-air speculation, but is that related to their early misfire? Possibly a fuel pick-up problem that's not allowing them to get the last couple of gallons out of the tank?

Great that the #70 Speedsource RX-8 is back in action, even if they're the better part of an hour behind. It is a 24 hour race, and anything can happen, blah, blah. That said, it's for real. Not that an early problem bodes well for them, but if they can stay on the track and off of pit lane (plus catch a well-timed full course caution or four), they could still make it back up front. Crazier things have happened. Like Kyle Petty getting a full season ride for '09.

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