Sunday, January 25, 2009

Halfway there!

Though technically we started this blogathon before the race started, we have hit the halfway point in the 24 Hours of Daytona. We're currently cycling through some pit-stops at the lead

but just before that 2 GTs broke into the top 10, looks like the Gainsco/Stallings DP won't be repeating its podium performance as they befell soe bad luck.. but in all; it looks like we're jusy 8 Daytona Prototype's away from a GT Overall win... likely, no; but its late and the lack of sleep is starting to set in...

So here are some other halfway point observations:

1) I think X-Games athletes try to take stupid looking pictures for their bio shots. Seriosuly I'm in marketing, and worked with talent managers for some artists... no photographer in their right mind would choose the photos these guys choose unless it were some kind of inside joke.

2) Either the rookie class of the NHL is a dominating force or the sophomore class of goalies stinks, but either way, we need more gigantic pipe organs with fireworks atop a giant hockey puck... ok maybe not ut in all seriousness, the festivities are great but I think the breakaway challene could use a little more shot for shot like slam dunk and a little less time limit.

3) Fox/SPEED has got to be run by the stupidest people on the face of this planet. Stopping anyone from showing a web-cam at the track that does not show on course action, because its considered a "live" shot is retarded... especially when SPEED themselves is showing BS like Unique Whips and paid advertising...

4) I'm starting to wonder if at what point Tom Berdytch realized he was no longer winning that match, like at what point did Federer say "ok I gave you your chance to beat me, but thats it, no more"

5) A1GP needs to take the pit stops out of Sprint and the rolling starts in, and needs to bring powerboost back to qualifying; they say they didn't like how it jumbled the fields, but honestly that is what was good about it; who wants to see Ireland dominate everything, they clearly have the upper hand on everyone right now, at least make them work for it one race each round...

and with that it looks like the Suntrust/Ford/Dallara with Pedro Lamy bhind the wheel has taken the lead with barely under a second over the IndyCar 02 Ganassi with Alex Lloyd behind that wheel... and I seem to recall the McDonalds near our house having a sign claiming it to be open 24 hours... And I think 3:30am is no better time to test them on their offer... so I'll be out for a bit but should arrive back one McFlurry happier

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