Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Deal with Impending Doom?

At this point every other Ford has had an engine failure, and you've been told by the Ford representatives that you have the same parts they all had and its likely you won't be finishing the race...

SunTrust seems to have a handle on it though... said basically all they could "Just keep racing, what else could we possibly do?"

and for those wondering; we just learned from the future in Australia that tennis rackets bounce pretty well.


PipSTA said...

On the

Despite my joking, in NASCAR, I'm a Roush fan.

Mike said...

I have been fed up with my bank (Regions) and have been meaning to switch to Suntrust, the bank that issues my paychecks. I'll take this as a sign!

Mike said...

I missed the racket bouncing. What happened?

Allen Wedge said...

missed Baghdatis throw his racket down, it was a while back, not slam, just like throw it up/out and it bounced when it hit the ground.