Sunday, January 25, 2009

IndyCar front row?

well if we were at Indy, everywhere else it's 2 cars, but we are definitely looking at a Briscoe, Rice, Dixon front 3 at the moment & shockingly enough we now have the top 6 cars all on the lead lap and all within 8 seconds of each other.

After that the next DP is 8 laps back, and then we go on a flurry of GT's with 3 porsche's 18 laps back to complete out top 10.

UPDATE: Dixon gets around Rice for 2nd, had something to do with Rice's straight billed hat being much less aerodynamic...

As the sun sets on Sunday in Auystralia before it even rises here we're finishing up our match between Manly Australian Girl and LSU dressed girl.... right now, manly girl is ahead.

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