Sunday, January 25, 2009

A pass!!!!

Well we went back silent again for about 30 more minutes and then got a pass from Joao Barbosa past Memo Rojas... then we pit cycled currently giving us Timo Bernhard (Penske) in first for a total excitement meter rating of 1.

The one good thing we did get was over at the TRG picture-web-pit majigger was in the chat portion, we've been getting a slew of TRG drivers and crew members answering questions and we did get to find out Andy Lally is going to get another GT driver a talking to, about some pretty shitty driver etiquitte; he wouldn't say who, just that it was a GT driver who was many laps down.

In tennis however we're watching a pretty good back and forth match... which also unfortunately is holding up the Baghdatis match, and also proving much more that Tennis playes simply call for "challenges" whenever they get pissed off they didn't make the shot they wanted.

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