Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quotes left out of Joe Torre's book

With all this talk about the Joe Torre book, we figured we should add our two cents.

Personally, I don't get why everyone is so surprised. Did everyone really think Torre was some kind of good guy? I don't think it's possible to coach the Yankees and have much of a genuine "tender" side, is it?

Either way, his name is on the book, the quotes are his. But here's the strange part...

The publishing company had sent us an advanced copy of the book months ago. Yet now we hear that parts of the book have been abridged, removing certain quotes. Below, we will highlight the Top 5 quotes that have likely been removed from Joe Torre's book:

5. "We started calling him 'Tostada' because he was always eating! We'd say, 'Jorge, put the food down! It's your turn to bat.'"

4. "Derek was dating this one girl, and whoa baby... was she SMART. She had a great personality and was just a pleasure to be around."

3. "At one point, A-Rod entered his 'dance' phase. All he wanted to do was dance. He'd often dance around the locker room. Naked. Then he tried to convince the boys that they each needed a homerun dance, like a touchdown dance. His was going to be the robot. Luckily, he quickly outgrew this phase and soon replaced it with a SWF-like obssession for Jeter."

2. "For a while, George was making me bring him lunch. Sometimes it was calzone. Other times it was soup in a bread bowl. He loved being able to eat the bowl when he was done."

1. "Finally I told him, 'I'm not putting that in your butt! Call your trainer or something.'"

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