Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Season Fun #awesome!!! (24 Hours straight live-blog/twitter for Daytona 24/A1GP etc.)

We are now just 2-1/2 weeks away from the official opening of the 2009 Racing Season!!!!

That's right race fans, we have a very LARGE action packed weekend (January 24 & 25) awaiting for us as the 2009 racing season will finally get underway, and we here at the Furious Wedge hope to get everyone together for a weekend of fun!!

What exactly is in store??
24 straight hours of live-blogging, twitter-ing, discussions, chatting and any betting pools anyone can come up with!!

Simply tune in to the Furious Wedge blog or add the following account to follow on your twitter: FuriousWedge

We'll be blogging/twittering/discussing the following so far:

#1 - Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona
Over 13 IndyCar present and former entered already; also NASCAR drivers, Grand-Am, ALMS, Motorcross, Supercross, BAJA drivers all entered, this is the true IROC!

#2 - A1GP's race in New Zealand
Team USA repr
esented by Marco Andretti, many other Formula 1, GP2, FBMW, Champ Car drivers as well as many up and coming drivers make for some very excellent competition! Can USA continue to improve on its 3rd place in Malaysia?

#3 - The NHL's All-Star Skills competition
NHL's version of homerun derby, punt-pass-kick, basketball skills only except this one is a true test of players skills.

and anything else, sports, people may think of that fits...

We're not just looking to live-blog alone though, we're looking for participation from anyone else who wants to do it in whatever capacity. If you want to twitter, or comment or help in the process, just let me know and become an honorary member of FW for the weekend!!

The weekend's event are prime for a betting pool of some sort, even if we're just betting simply bragging rights, so I'm wide open to any ideas anyone can come up with.

------------all times eastern-----------------------
We'll be putting up a fuller preview later but for now what do you have to look forward for:

-10:00pm to midnight or so - A1GP qualifying for both Sprint & Feature race
Now get some sleep when that's over, you're going to need it...

-3pm - Daytona 24 coverage starts on Fox (race starts at 3:30)
-4:30pm - Daytona 24 coverage switches to SPEED
-7pm - NHL All-Star Skills Competition (time not set yet)
-9:45pm - A1GP Race coverage starts (Sprint race on delay and feature race live)
-10pm - Daytona 24 TV coverage stops for the night (go online to follow)

-A1GP race ends sometime very early morning and then interviews following
-3-5am - Bodine Bobsled Challenge re-air on SPEED
-7am - Daytona 24 coverage picks back up on SPEED to its conclusion at 3:30 p.m.


So follow us on twitter or here on the blog, join in, and if you have an idea how to make some kind of betting pool/competition, bring it on!

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