Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sooo glad Fox didn't get IndyCar

at one time fans clamored hoping Fox might have some interest in IndyCar, and I'm telling you now, they may actually be stupider than ESPN. They (through SPEED) killed live coverage of a race event to go to pre-taped coverage of a race that no one wants to see only to follow it with syndicated and paid programming, which basicly means there is nothing they were actually obligated to show.

On top of it they've been ona mission to cut down everything they possibly could that will give fans information on the race trying to force everuone to their non-informative retarded live-chat, when all fans really give a crap about is the race action....

That said: AIM Autosport took the lead after Penske pitted and we continued all the way through our pit cycle to find ourselve back with Scott Dixon in the lead in the 02 Ganassi, with only 5 or so cars on the lead lap now.

In Australia however we're watching the #3Ranked Women's tennis player, Russian Dinara Safina about to blow a 1 set lead as she is now behind 3-2 in the 3rd set to 15th ranked French Alize Cornet and a Federer match about to get underway

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