Sunday, January 25, 2009

suggestions for improvement

This is my first time watching this race. It's pretty cool and all, but we can think of ways to improve it.

1. Make all drivers have GPS in their car. You cannot turn it off and you absolutely cannot pitch the annoying machine out of your window. Oh, and the GPS voice should be Samuel L. Jackson's.

2. Have McDonald's and various drive-thru restaurants available for the drivers. The temptation could cause interesting lead changes.

3. Keifer Sutherland drives a car. All 24 hours by himself. When he falls asleep, crashes, and dies, people will see it was all just a TV show after all.

4. Water puddles and oil spots. And banana peels. And give the drivers some turtle shells. And the ability to blow smoke out the back of their cars! Come on people.

5. Dollars for Dents!


Anonymous said...


Vinter said...

this is completely great.

Allen Wedge said...

p.s. just thought to say it now. but had it rained (no matter how bad) that race would have continued, its 24 hours no matter the weather, last year I believe it had 3 rain storms (plenty of water puddles)

nothing I can do for the oil, bananas or turtles.