Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea

I miss that sketch on what was it? Anamaniacs? Well anywho... Ganassi seems to have the idea to triple stint his drivers, and while the drivers were doing fine in 1st and 2nd respectively it seems to have backfired at this point while the Suntrust Dallara got a fresh Max Angelelli in their car and he quickly overtook maybe a tired Franchitti for the lead, and Dario losing more ground to Angelelli, now over 3 seconds back, maybe they should get Lloyd in that car sooner than later?

ad on top of that, you have to assume Dario and Montoya are both getting close to their time limits? and if so why not use the caution to make the driver change?

In Aussie open land however, it looks like Tom Berdych may have lost his chance at history as Federer is working his way to a comeback, just a few points away from tying this thing at 2 sets a piece... however these guys look like they've gone to the Andy Reid school of "challenging" as I think both players have gone 0% on all their in/out challenges.

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