Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wakey, wakey! Sort of.

Good morning to all from Speedgeek Palisades! A big, big ups to the fellas here, Ron and Wedge both, for recapping all night. I somehow feel like I stayed up, too, but like I'm still strangely rested. Possibly like I've drunk 7-8 of Rusty and Steve Wallace's energy shots (no plug for them, if I'm not getting paid or receiving free product).

Much in the way of interest, as we head down the stretch (Jimmy Spencer bobbleheads appear on my screen as I type "head down the stretch"). First, Porsches rule, pace-wise. Well For the time being. The #58 Brumos Porsche DP appears to be leaking copious amounts of gear lube (as evidenced by about a pint of the stuff winding up on the pit camera lens as the car left the pits), though they claim that nothing is wrong. Meanwhile, the #59 car appears to be OK, even though it has been saddled with having to carry JC France around for a good portion of the event. Also, 6 of the 7 Ford-engined DPs in the field are out, every single one befallen by a loose PIP wheel whacking down all of the crank-related sensors. Oops. Meanwhile, the 7th Ford-engined car, the Suntrust #10, continues to run in 4th and on the lead lap. Will the pin fall out of their grenade, too? Scott Pruett continues to hold the #58 car at bay as I type this, but with as quick as the Porsches have been, is it a matter of time before he gets passed? Or is the #58 trying to ease up a bit to make it down to the last hour? Good questions, all (and not just because I asked them).

TRG Porsches run 1-2 in GT, both on the same lap and 6 laps ahead of the third placed GT car. Can they cruise to the win? I say yes.

Hope everybody's enjoying some nice brunch (or lunch, for those folks who have been up for more than 2-3 hours, aka, those people who aren't me) and settling in for the last three hours. Lots of racing to go, and plenty to watch for. Good times!

P.S. Forgot to mention Meesh, who also hung in for most of the evening as well. Nice work by you, too.

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