Sunday, January 25, 2009


That was a fantastic finish, huh? Right down to the end, literally the last lap. You couldn't really have asked for a whole lot more. The #59 Brumos car and the #10 Suntrust car faded badly at the end, catching some bad breaks in traffic, but two cars is all you need for a great finish.

One black mark at the end: JPM and Memo Rojas whining in victory lane about getting beat. "Too much Porsche horsepower, blah, blah, blah." Note to Juan: you won this race two years in a row until now. Memo to Memo: you won 6 out of 14 races last season. Shut. Up. It looked to me like now that Porsche has a 4-liter engine, the performance balance is just about right. The Lexus and Ford will definitely be better at the slower and mid-speed tracks, due to better torque, but Daytona? That's a horsepower track all the way. The Porsche gets extra revs due to being smaller capacity, hence it has more power. So, high speed advantage to Porsche. That's fine. If the Porsches win all 12 races this season, OK, then you can complain.

Anyway, that nonsense aside, this one will go down in the record books as one of the best ever at Daytona. I'm just glad to have been here to see it.

Thanks to the guys here for having me this weekend, and thanks to all on the Twitter feed for stopping by and sharing their thoughts with all of us. It was great fun, and hopefully we can do this again in the future!

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