Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers

IF (3/5) - Right side is set with Cabrera and Polanco. Left side is not as intimidating. Inge's numbers were OK when he was a catcher, but not so great for 3B. Eventually Everett's average will just drop below .200, maybe this season. Sheffield too, but at least he'll hit 20 homeruns. How did Laird not make Deuce's ugliest MLB line-up?

OF (4/5) - Good OF. Guillen is in LF - why does it seem like this team is playing people at all the wrong postions? (Two years ago, you would have had Cabrera in LF, Guillen at 3B, and Inge at C. I don't catch a lot of Tigers games. What am I missing here?)

SP (3/5) - It seems like you just never know what you're going to get from any of these guys, even Verlander. But if the stars align, this could be a great rotation. I'm not counting on it though. But who knows? Maybe even Dontrelle will come out pitching great. Remember him?

RP (2/5) - I don't know about this bullpen. Lyon's ERA went up 2 runs last year. Rodney's ERA has increased the last two years as well, while his IP have decreased. Zumaya's been injured. The rest seem inexperienced or inconsistent.

Wildcards: Macay McBride, Larish, Hollimon

Can they beat the Brewers? Probably.

[Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on your team. I think it's fun to do this stuff before a season starts and then see how close (or how far off) I was. If you spend time from your day insulting us, telling others to insult us, or posting in a blog or messageboard about how wrong our opinions are, then we are flattered!]

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