Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

IF (4/5) - Fielder is solid and Hardy is a very good offensive SS. But Weeks and Hall have to improve their averages, which I think they will. Kendall is reliable and good in the clutch (for a catcher). Decent depth all around.

OF (4/5) - The three starters combined for 82 homeruns. That's impressive. But there's not much to back these guys up. For some reason this organization does not give Tony Gwynn a fair shot, in my opinion, and he's one of the best minor leaguers I've seen in a while.

SP (2.5/5) - Saying that it really hurts to lose Sheets and Sabathia is an understatement. What's left? Who is the ace? He'd have to be healthy. Dave Bush? His ERA against the Cubs was over 6.00. That's not an ace. If Gallardo is healthy, he could become an ace. We'll see. Is Capuano even going to pitch? The rest of the possible starters are young, inexperienced, average, or a combination of those.

RP (3/5) - I like the combination of Hoffman and Julio. Some other young guys will have a shot to win jobs here. Mark DiFelice pitched pretty well in a couple of call-ups. I think he'll be in the mix. Same for Stetter and Dillard. But the problem is that the bullpen may often be stretched out and put in a position to hold the other team down and let the offense come back and score some runs.

Wildcards: DiFelice, Capuano, Gwynn

NOTE: Looks like Sheets could still re-sign. We'll keep an eye on it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I mean wow, so yeah...wow. I don't even know where to begin. Maybe baseball isn't your strong suit, or a suit of yours at all. Maybe just stick to writing about actual suits, maybe you could write a fashion blog? I haven't seen you but I'm sure you can clean up nice right?

Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously man, never write about the brewers again, i want my money back because that lowered my IQ, you should be banned from ever writing again. Seriously do you know anything about baseball, i mean just for starters, jason kendal clutch? Yea, i know when we have 2 guys on an d 2 out, im always hoping kendall will be up. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Man, you really have no idea what you are talking about. Let's start with Kendall being clutch. 2 stats for you. His slash line in High leverage situations (though I think this might hurt your head) is .149/.296/.170. Thats bad. In late and close situations it's .165/.255/.209. In other words he sucked in the clutch.
Then there's the Tony Gwynn comment. Really? I suppose you ignored every other minor leaguer out there, because Tony Gwynn is a slap hitter who can barely get the ball out of the infield and plays mediocre D. That's why the Brewers haven't given him a fair shake.
Who is the Ace... well you're right, it's not Dave Bush. But have you heard of this guy named Yovanni Gallardo? I've heard he's pretty good.
And please explain why you like Julio and Hoffman, because as a Brewers fan, I sure as hell don't.

See, you are the problem with the internet blogosphere. Everyone can write, and unfortunately you did.

Anonymous said...

Both career numbers and last year's babip suggest Kendall is, if not good, then at least not bad in the clutch. And Hoffman? ERA was up but whip was below career average last year. Bush was the team's best starter not named Ben or CC from June on, and those two guys are gone.I like Yo as much as the next guy but he should pitch a season before he's anointed ace.

Re Gwynn, I got nothing. His defense doesn't suck. I like the way he wears his hat. But he's not a major leaguer.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your last comment. You can't exactly go by career numbers for a 35 year old catcher. He's been bad for 3 years, and he will continue to suck.

As for Gallardo, you want a full season... I'll take his great half season at the Majors and his amazing season at AAA in '07 as proof he's great. He got knocked down by a freak injury. It happens, but if you think he's not an ace, then I'm going to need what you are smoking.

I'll concede hoffman, but Julio? He's been on teams in the past 3 years. And he sucked so bad he was released by cleveland last year. I don't put much faith in a guy that pitched 12 good innings last year.

Mike said...

Thanks guys. My reply.