Thursday, February 5, 2009

Furious Wedge Welcomes Newest Member: Deuce

We here at the Furious Wedge strive only for..umm... the best?? Actually I'm not sure what we strive for... but either way; in our original site launch, we were, in fact, a 3-piece of writers, but with said "Jester" ringing in a boatload of 1 post in his entirety here and then parting we've long since spent our time wishing we had a certain person to re-complete the 3-piece and we've finally done so.

Unfortunately we couldn't lock up his contract in time for the blogathon, (something about a free tobasco hot sauce bonus clause) but we're finally glad to announce: fresh from attending the LSU Football Signing Day Bash, where he most likely was schmoozing it up with Les Miles... or was maybe within eyesight of someone who was... Our newest member: Deuce, we'll let him do the rest.

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