Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey Brewers Fans....

(Anonymous) Brewers fans! Are you pissed that I gave Kendall and others TOO MUCH credit?? This is so strange. OK, to each of you...

Anonymous 1 and 2: Wow, thanks for reading. See, the point of a blog is just to give our opinions. Your anonymous insults are quite flattering, but I think you're taking this too seriously.

You didn't argue my Dave Bush statistic. Why not? Is it because the Cubs have taken your division for two years straight and Dave Bush couldn't get them out last year to save his life (or his team)? I like Gallardo, but we haven't even seen him for a full year.

These are serious questions, Anonymous. As a Brewers fan, why not just answer my questions? I enjoy having adult conversations about topics that I am interested in. Wouldn't you rather just discuss this stuff?

As for Jason Kendall, let's see... career stats show that he has hit .328 with bases loaded and .330 with a man on 3rd and less than two outs. Seems clutch to me! Was his .246 average last year disappointing? I'm sure it was, anonymous Brewers fan. But what other option do you have? He's your catcher and I think he's OK. Start your own blog and post your own opinion if you think differently about Jason Kendall.

I need to go post on my fashion blog now...

Anonymous 3: I've watched A LOT of baseball. I've seen Tony Gwynn about 6 times and every time, he was, to me, clearly one of the two best players on the field. I think his defense is pretty good, from what I've seen in minor league games. (I saw him gun a guy at third from the deep right field.) If the organization agrees with you, then why not dump him now?

Have I heard of Gallardo? Yes, I said he could be an ace. I SAID IT. But he has not even pitched a season. I won't even bother listing past pitchers who have looked brilliant for half a season. You need to get a grip.

Julio has pitched well and I think he got it together at the end of the year. If he doesn't, then whatever. It's not my team. You can bitch about it. As for Hoffman, damn dude. You want me to say Trevor Hoffman isn't good? Really?? Maybe he'll suck, fine. But I'm not going to bet on that. And it explains a lot about you as a fan that you ARE betting on it.

Anonymous 4: Thanks for some common sense here! You might be right about Gwynn. What the hell do I know? At least you use your brain. You can stay!

Anonymous 5: OK, I'll agree maybe career numbers aren't the best way to make predictions. I don't know. I'm not really a Brewers fan, but I like Jason Kendall and the way he plays. He's declining. You're right.

Julio was terrible in Cleveland. But if my team signed him, I'd look at the change in scenery that helped him last year and think/hope he could build on that.


Bottom line, Brewers fans: I hate your team. I was doing my best to be unbiased. I like Kendall, Gallardo, Counsell, Hardy, and a few others. I hate Ryan Braun and will laugh at you all when he is a Yankee. Almost as much as I laugh at HIM when he plays left field.

But do you realize that you guys (well most of you) are all going nuts about what some dude said on a blog? Like, I was just giving my opinion about what I think of this team at this point in the year, before the season has even started. Who cares?

Instead of going on message boards and telling your Brewer buddies to come comment on here, you should spend more time worrying about who is going to pitch in your rotation and will actually strike fear in the opposing hitters. If I were on the other team, and Gallardo weren't pitching, I'd look forward to playing your team. (Assuming Sheets is gone.)

But thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

What's the link to you fashion blog? I bet your opinions on there are just as horrible as they are here. You probably think Stella McCartney's Spring 2008 line was the most innovative thing you've ever seen. Ha, what Stella apologist. Joke!

Anonymous said...

"I've watched A LOT of baseball. I've seen Tony Gwynn about 6 times and every time, he was, to me, clearly one of the two best players on the field."

Here I sit looking for another more descriptive word to use, but all I can come up with once again to describe your ability to scout baseball talent is WOW. You are free to write about anything you want buddy and I think the point at the end of the day is to entertain - you are doing your job very well.

Anonymous said...

does this guy not realize we have braun locked up for forever?

Allen Wedge said...

Did the first Anonymous just talk about actual fashion on here? I think I understand why he stays Anonymous...

And I'm no pro baseball expert; I mean as far as I know Tony Gwynn is still the coach of the SDSU Aztecs, but that's why I let Ron stick to it, but isn't the correct way to counter in a debate to show evidence to the contrary??

I mean I'm no lawyer either but I don't think Helio Castroneves is going to defend his side of his upcoming tax evasion trial by telling the judge: "WOW, I mean I'm just a racecar driver and celebrity dancing champion, but wow judge, wow."

...and yes I do know who T. Gwynn Jr. is before the joke gets trashed...

Anonymous said...

I was Anonymous 3&5. I have to ask what team you were watching when he was one of the 2 best players on the field? If it was when he was in college, then you may have a point.

Yes, I am very pessimistic about this year, and it is pitching related, but it doesn't excuse the fact that you like how Jason Kendall plays baseball. Though it does explain why you like Gwynn. Personally, I enjoy guys who have OPS over .700. Thats just me. You know, guys who can actually hit the ball out of the infield?

As for Braun, sure, he'll be a Yankee when his 8 YEAR CONTRACT runs out in 2015. Until then, enjoy watching him in a Brewers Uniform.

Anonymous said...

Dude, at least people participate at those Brewer message boards.

Average comments on your last 5 (non-Brewers related) posts < 1.

You're preaching to no one.

cwolf said...

So here's the deal. You make comments like "Kendall is clutch" and "Gwynn is one of the best minor league players I've seen." These statements are vague, and have nothing to do with true production levels.

Gwynn has a career .687 OPS in the minors, and a .598 in the 3 seasons in which he's seen action in the major leagues. That's good enough for a ~90 OPS+ in the minors (100 is average, he's a below AVERAGE minor leaguer with the bat) and a career 56 OPS+ hitter in the majors. He could be the best defensive player in the league at CF and still be no better than below average.

As far as Kendall goes: In his prime, yes, he was a very good hitter for his position. Last year, though, his .247/.327/.324 line was good for about .7x league average, which is about what your typical minor leaguer could produce. His defense was stellar last year, and that was good enough to bring him back up to league average in total production. The fact of the matter is, though, that he is going to make an out 68% of the time and when he does get on base, it's a single or a walk.

Let's look at the "clutch" stat for him. His BA with RISP was right at .247, which is exactly what you should expect. He's "clutch" in that he pretty much always produces at the same level no matter the situation.

The Brewers have a BIG question mark at SP depth and in RF, but pretty much everything else is fine as long as Gamel and Hall platoon at 3rd and not Lamb/Hall.

Allen Wedge said...

Oh no we don't have a lot of comments, we're not cool...Not that it matters Anonymous, but 1) you just responded, that already makes it greater than no one. 2)comments don't = site visits. 3) no one is preaching 4) who gives a crap

Mike said...

You guys are so sweet. Thanks so much. It's great to have fans. I'm tired of preaching to no one. Now I can preach to you.

Honestly, though, I don't know if you guys are crazy, stalkers, or both!

But I can tell you this... I'm not that important! I don't know who told you my opinion mattered and that you had to fight to the death to prove me wrong. But it's OK if we disagree. I promise!

I think it's so cute that you guys believe in stability in sports in 2009. Braun is as "locked up" as A-Rod was when he signed that 10-year deal with the Rangers.

I like Kendall. "I think" Gwynn is a good minor league player who deserves a shot. Your team sucks.

cwolf said...

"I like Kendall. "I think" Gwynn is a good minor league player who deserves a shot. Your team sucks."

Just because it's an opinion doesn't make the statement wrong. Gwynn isn't a good minor leaguer. He's had his shot each of the last 3 years, and he has failed. The guy has yet to produce with the bat, and he's average with the glove.

Secondly, who is your team? The Brewers will probably win 85 games this year, good for above average. What do you use to describe teams worse than that?

cwolf said...

And one more thing:

Braun is locked up through 2015. This is not debatable. The only way he leaves the Brewers before then is by trade. ARod had an opt-out clause after 7 years, and Texas traded him. That's the only reason his 10 year contract didn't pan out completely.

Your lack of understanding of the economic and gameplay sides of baseball is astounding.

Mike said...

And your naivety is cute.

Almost as cute as your tenacity and persistence.