Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I CAN Handle the Truth!

A-Rod, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Apparently not.

I understand that you took what was supposed to be an anonymous drug test. I understand the surprise and disappointment you must have experienced when you found out that your name had been leaked. I can even understand the position you were put in and how difficult it must be to deal with this situation.

What I don't understand is this half-butt apology and "explanation." You took steroids. It was made public that you took steroids. You did the right thing by coming out and addressing the fact that you took steroids and apologized. But...taking steroids hasn't been your biggest mistake in all of this. I'm sure many fans had already expected that you might not exactly be clean. That can probably be said for many top players in this so-called "steroid era." You're not alone, but you had an opportunity to be unique. There have been a few players that have admitted to steroid use, but immediately followed with an excuse or a statement of ignorance.

The damage has already been done. You're going to be a "steroid user" for the rest of your career, your life, and long after. The bigger mistake here is that you told half-truths, omitted truths and possible down-right lies. We know, you were "young and stupid" and you "wish you would've went to college." I can't speak for everyone, but I knew that illegal drugs and cheating were wrong long before college. That excuse is tired and pathetic. Just tell the damn truth, already. As much as I dislike you it would've been refreshing to hear you say you knew what you were doing when you took steroids. You were weak (minded) and you made a mistake. You're not the only person in the world who's made a regrettable decision to get ahead. I don't agree with what you did, but I can respect the fact that this business is tough and you've got to keep up with your competition to be successful. I respected the fact that you faced the situation head on and you wasted no time putting your face in front of the camera. What I don't respect is your story changing every nine days.

You took steroids for three years but didn't know exactly what it was you were taking? You got them from GNC? For possibly 5 years now you had no idea what you were putting in your body, but all of a sudden you did a little research and you know exactly what they are now? Oh, and by "over the counter" do you mean "my cousin smuggling in drugs from the Dominican Republic." Alex, the American people aren't this stupid or naive. Well, apparently, they're not as stupid and naive as you are. You screwed up...twice. You're not getting a third strike.

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