Monday, February 23, 2009

IndyCar Paint Schemes and Some New Guy Named Yasukama

Look I know this is scrutinization but seriously... Its one thing for fans to constantly confuse Californian, Roger Yasukawa, for a foreign-born driver. I mean his last name isn't Smith, Jones, Gordon or Earnhardt and his first name is all hell on Americans.. I mean shoot, how do you even pronounce that "Roger"?

-It is however, yet a totally different thing for SPEEDTV, a dedicated motorsports news web-site to misspell the man's name in the headline of an article and the headlining picture to the article; and 8 hours later to not have fixed it. Normally I wouldn't comment on this kind of thing; I mean, I work in media, marketing and PR and know that typos can happen easily from time to time, but shoot that article has been up for almost the entire day now and sheesh, the "w" and "m" aren't even near each other on the keyboard...

That said, all of us here are hoping Yasukawa can turn this gig into more than 1 race; I've always liked the Roger, he's a very nice guy, great with fans and never really got a complete shake at the ICS. Roger largely went unnoticed in 2007 when he jumped in Sarah Fisher's backup car at DRR for the Indy 500 and in just a few short days qualified it faster than Sarah in her main car; the guy clearly has talent, and while this one-off thing is better than nothing I'd love to see him in some full time equipment.

-We've gotten our first look at the new #23 Milka Duno - Citgo/Arctic Ice car and while some people think of it as ugly, I'm thinking the thing is beautiful; Why? It's not generic red-white-blue anymore. That nice orange sweep through the middle makes that car distinct, and its different from anything else in recent memory, and that is what is important.

-Robert Doornbos is sponsored by some company named "Bobby D." Ok before you flood us with comments and e-mails, I realize that is most likely just what they are putting on the car until they announce the full sponsor; we have learned (barring a huge change) that Doornbos' car may likely be very red. This saddens me, as the series is clearly overrun with red in the paint schemes.

-With that said I'd love to welcome Stanton Barrett and Team 3G to the league with their badass light blue and white paint job; minus the logo in Homestead so far but from IndyCar's page you get the idea. Though it seems they couldn't resist and put a small red tip on the nose. I'll be keeping up on all the paint jobs out there, here's hoping Luczo Dragon remains to their Yellow/Black type scheme and definitely awaiting awesome things from the PCM/Rubicon merger team.

-And for the hell of it; the new driver at Brian Stewart Racing is: Sergey Mokshantsev, let's see what SPEED does with that one!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like AROTIO IOE on Milka's car. That likely won't sell any product, as fans in grandstands and TV viewers can't read it and the car won't be shown in print unless it's upside-down or smashed to smithereens.

Well, maybe HDTV viewers could read one of the ARCTIC ICE decals if her car is stopped on track at just the right angle...

How does she get sponsored, while a race-winner such as Justin doesn't? Mind-boggling. CDW? HP? Apple? Microsoft? Coke? Pepsi? Anyone? He's a winner!