Friday, February 13, 2009

IndyCar takes some shots at Formula 1

Albeit this was a quick fun story posted on; I have to say I was quite amused and also happy with this kind of pointed PR including a "ficticious letter":

"An open letter to Formula One drivers.

Dear sirs.

Know that IndyCar Series teams would welcome your participation in the 2009 or beyond season should you follow FIA president Max Mosley's suggestion of looking elsewhere to ply your trade.

Please note that an IndyCar Series license fee is only $1,000 (U.S.) - a bargain that includes your/three guest hard cards for venue admittance, participant accident medical insurance coverage and other benefits. There are no closing fees, user fees, points fees or even landing fees for your aircraft.

Indy Racing League management"

AND the clear statement

"The IndyCar Series, with its more diverse schedule and on-track competition than F1, would be such a destination."

While yes IndyCar says its all in good humor; they did make this public, and thats not a bad thing, they should have! I think this is more of the kind of aggressive shot and detailed quick point that can do good for IndyCar. Sure people can debate which series is better, but IndyCar definitely has track diversity and liscense fees over the other big series. And simply on a comedy scale, its great to see the IRL flex a sense of humor while also pointing out just how crazy F1 is sometimes.


Schrementi said...

HA, this is great! Good to see IRL PR has a sense of humor! Now let's see them form a new plan for a possible post-Danica era

Pat W said...

This Lewandowski chap has been writing revisionist history about the IRL/CART split for ages, so I'm not surprised at a stunt like this from him. I laughed when he quickly changed his tune this time a year ago.
I note he doesn't mention how the current IndyCar drivers are struggling to raise a budget to get a ride.

Pat W said...

I feel the need to clarify:

If this had been written by Furious Wedge, Pressdog, MyNameIsIRL or another blog I'd have laughed, and congratulated the writer on a job well done.

I just don't agree with an official series website doing it.