Sunday, February 15, 2009

more dunk contest stuff

I just watched the whole thing again. I mean, Nate Robinson was exciting. And he's a short dude. But we really should look at the overall picture. Howard should've won becasue he was making his dunks all night. I'm convinced that if he had saved that 12-foot dunk for last, he would've won. Let's face it, Americans are stupid and forgetful. You let them vote in the last round and that's all they'll think about. They'll forget that Howard had a perfect 100 coming into the final round. All they'll see is: little dude dunking over a big dude vs. stepping over the free-throw line on a dunk that's been done before. Yes, in that round Robinson was more exciting. But to call him the champion is dumb.

It's like the Homerun Derby when we throw out the totals after each round. If a guy hits 30 homeruns in round one, that should mean something for round two. I know sports don't work this way and that we're used to canceling out regular season once we get to the post-season. But this shouldn't really be the case in man vs. man competitions. Could you see if golf events had cuts after Saturday and then the scores started over on Sunday? That's ridiculous.

Either way, like I said, I like Howard even more now.

And side note: I did play a game of Hoops on NES and got killed 10-2. I hadn't played this game since I was in Florida for Spring Break in 7th grade. I need practice.

Going to cook breakfast...

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Allen Wedge said...

I have to be honest I was very disappointed in this years contest. Especially compared to last year, Howard was the only one with any kind of real creativity.

PLUS I love how A) Howard's first dunk inexplicably got a 50 B) yet both of the Spanish dude's dunks got ridiculously low scores cause hes a white-foreigner.

But again, overall, where is the creativity, some people just mailed it in this year.

Heres a dunk they need to do. Put a velcro strip on the bottom of your shoes, and then also put the opposite end on the floor (people will just think its tape) run up to the rim (with shoes slightly untied) and literally jump out of your shoes to dunk.