Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nadal Stops History & My Super Bowl Prediction

Check out Ron's many posts coming about SuperBowl previewing and some live tennis talk below.

As he said; for those of you able to check it out Rafael Nadal was able to thwart history (Roger Federer was trying to tie Pete Sampras' record of most Grand Slam titles). It was a great match, but while it was not up with their Wimbledon energy or even the energy of the Nadal-Verdasco match is like saying someone with 5 billion dollars isn't the richest man in the world.

You almost felt like you were watching a video game; the shots these guys were making happen a few times in any normal match, but Nadal and Federer make it commonplace; countering and countering again impossible shot to another throughout the match. I mean it was like watching two guys play Virtua Tennis, or two guys who know all the ins and outs of Madden or Tecmo Bowl, just continuously try to one up each other.

The most interesting thing was watching Nadal, clearly not 100% because of his match with Verdasco, still contend easily with Federer, and even throughout the match seems like the more tired of the 2, but ran just as far as he could all over the court just as Federer was. This match though unlike the Wimbledon one had a lot of hot streaks from either man, and Nadal just timed it that he got the final hot streak to end the match.


Yes as Ron pointed out, a lot of people are picking the Cardinals simply based on "underdog" theory, and most anyone can't imagine a way they win the game. I see the rationale in thinking that, all I will just say is that we have quite a few very recent examples of why the underdog pickers choice is understandable.

I'm hardly an expert but I'm going with Arizona simply because too many people are saying they can't; and the last few times this has happened, everyone has ended up with egg on their faces:

1) ESPN's asking if USC was the greatest team of all time; before they went on to lose against Texas

2) Giants over the amazing, undefeated, unbeatable Patriots

3) of course the Shouldn't even be in the Superbowl Patriots over The Greatest Show on Turf Rams.

Too many people are forgetting that we play the games to see what the outcome will be, not because we want to see what will happen already knowing an outcome. We don't know what will happen, Pittsburgh may very well blow Arizona out, sure; but Big Ben may also suffer a big hit and geet woozy... We'll just have to wait and see.

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Goose said...

Not that I didn't have respect for him before but Nadal just won me over with what he did these past two matches. To put it in his word, "He was amazing, no?"