Monday, February 2, 2009

Play Video Game, Win Fully-Paid Trip to A1GP Finale

Rarely does one get the opportunity to say they get much in the real worldout of playing Video games. Sure college and pro quarterbacks are known to play Madden and such to develop and exercise in-game decision making; the armed forces have games for its troops to simulate combat situations, and race car drivers are known to be addicted to Gran Turismo and many other games to learn tracks & cars...

But what about the common man? Well here is your chance.

A1GP's Team Malaysia has a new contest open to the public and the rules are as simple as follows:

Play the new A1GP racing game on their website, and kick some ass!

They will be taking the best times, and then pitting the top performers against each other; with the eventual top performer winning an All-Expenses-Paid trip to the A1GP Season Finale at Brands Hatch, Great Britain in the first weekend of May.

Whether or not you care for A1GP, open-wheel road racing... or even racing at all; one cannot deny that winning an all-expense trip to any event for playing a video game is a chance to not pass up!

UPDATE: Dang, It looks as if you may have to be a resident of Malaysia to enter this thing as I tried to fill out the entry form and you need an I/C #??? and then your location has to be picked from Malaysian states... well one can dream maybe one day Team U.S.A. (or Team Canada, G.B., etc for you others) will give us a video game contest...

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