Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ready for commercials!

We all know that Miller High Life is doing its one-second ad campaign and that it'll probably be pretty good. But this is news to me: according to this article, rock band The Eels tried to do this last year but was rejected due to the possibility of 30 consecutive one-second commercials affecting people with certain medical conditions.

As an Eels fan, I would've loved this. But more importantly, I think it would've caused advertisers to be more creative. I wouldn't mind seeing 5- or 10-second ads. Some companies make the most of their 30 seconds. Most companies waste my time. If I have to watch these things, they should at least entertain me or just make them shorter.

On a personal Eels-related side note, Wedge and I once played at House of Blues with a former Eel's band. They were really lame and were rock star jerks, only they were never really rock stars. But they'd just toured with Lenny Kravitz, so they thought they were. I stole their soft drinks. FW is dangerous.

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